Understanding Art Collecting

There is a misconception of art collectors. Someone who is not an art collector may wonder why people enjoy art collecting, sculpting, or even creating art for a living. They think it’s just a “job” where you just have fun and party all the time. This is definitely not the case. We have to take a look at the actual work that goes into creating art, and then people will be able to understand the value.

Pokey Park Sculptures art collectingIt’s All Fun and Games

No, it is not just a fun time. Selling art is a business just like any other type of business. There is a creation aspect, an admiration aspect, and then a sales aspect. It can be more difficult than other businesses to sell your art because not everyone understands or has an appreciation for certain types of art. Many people will say that selling art doesn’t serve a particular purpose, and no one really needs it to survive. We have to realize that the work put into the art is much greater than simply painting a picture or sculpting a squirrel for no reason. There is a deeper meaning behind it that the artist is trying to portray through there final product.

Art is Work

There seems to be this perception of art as a hobby, rather than an actual job. Whether it’s playing guitar, taking photographs, painting, or sculpting, people still have this idea that they are all just hobbies. Art is not easy whatsoever. To be a true artist, you have to treat it as a job, which in turn makes it a job. If you’re trying to become an artist, you can’t put it on the back burner and expect to learn and be a better artist. That would be called a hobby. Art as a job is a full-time career. The misconception is people believe if you’re an artist, you are just bumming around all day and get lucky here and there. This is not the case. Artists are working everyday on their craft, so that they can make a living like everyone else.

Pokey Park Sculptures

Pokey Park Sculptures (Marie Whittle-Webb Park) is a sculptor extraordinaire and artist who produces magical creations from her endearing love of both nature and art. She sculpts uniquely stylized bronzes of animals of every size, shape and species. She creates art for exhibits, and currently for an expansion of the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA. Contact Pokey Park Sculptures at 520-869-6435 to learn more about our artwork and exhibits!

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