About Pokey

Pokey Park (Marie Whittle-Webb Park)  is a sculptor extraordinaire, and artist whose early and endearing love of both nature and art are the foundation for her whimsical, magical creations.  From her childhood in coastal Georgia and travels around the world, the creatures and beauty of nature have inspired and moved her.

Pokey studies wildlife in natural habitats so she can get a feel for their personalities, not just their anatomy.  “In their natural habitats is where unique uninhibited personalities are displayed.” says Pokey.  Their personalities are extremely important for her to be able to give her sculpture a unique attitude.  The environment they live in sets the mood for the finished sculpture.

Her lifelong artistic goal and focus is endangered animals and to bring them to the attention of the public – how the environment affects not only the natural selection of a species, but also how the human use of their territory impacts their survival, because the two are part of the same circle.  They have thrived or not thrived, depending on how people protected, abused, or even limited their habitat.

While her animal subjects are the mainstay of her body of work, Pokey explores mythology, ethnography and traditional culture in many of her works.  These animals are a part of the culture and myths that have come out of the cultural backgrounds.

Pokey says “I hope that when you look at a piece of sculpture it would engage more than one of your senses.  And personally, I hope it would bring a smile to your face.”